Monday, February 3, 2014

2060s The Future Is Now

For an individual such as myself, the 2060s will include these changes.

Injuries: The mechanism on my leg is a brace. I predict I will not be free of injury, but I do think that the way we treat injuries will be much better. At this age, my body is probably starting to degrade, especially my joints. I recently had a non-invasive operation on my leg where nanobots were inserted into the region around my knee and are tasked with fixing it. The brace is a sort of mother-control, which acts both as a support for me physically, but it also directs the nanobots, remotely. 

Clothes: For the most part fashion has not changed too much, but the nature of the material has. Different types of synthetic fabrics are now available, which have different uses. This one in particular has fiber optics built into the sleeve which can display different media, and be interactive as well. On my shoulders, the fabric is photovoltaic, which means it harnesses energy from the sun, or any small amount of UV light, powering the "device" in the article of clothing.

Mask: Air quality is not good above ground, and air filters below ground are costly, and not always offered consistently. This individual air filter is not cheap either, but it is much more affordable and reliable.

Monday, January 27, 2014

2060s - The Golden Years

The Name of the Game
When I made this picture, I had the idea of self-sufficiency clear in my mind (obviously, as the text states it as well.) I couldn't stop thinking about how 50 years from now anything but a self-sufficient life style will not be a viable living option. I also decided to use a more positive theme. There are a few panels displaying certain significant photos, each representing a different aspect of what I should like to have present, if not standardized, in 2064.

The top panel shows a starry view of space, which represents just that: space. It truly is the final frontier, and I think it is an important part of our future. More resources should be allotted to space sciences! Huzzah.

The three squares represent more mundane things that can be done around the house to be more self-sufficient. Although they seem like neat ideas today, things like rain water collection and vertical gardening might be very necessary alternatives in 50 years.

Also, I though this would be appropriate for the recent rise in canned air sales in China.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Marclay/Tinguely and BYOB

Marclay/Tinguely Sculpture
For this sculpture I decided I wanted to have gear-like motion. I used a drill and a hole saw as my primary source of power, which then turned a foam disk where the record sat. I wanted there to be more moving parts, but I struggled a bit with this, and couldn't manage more. I did want to make it somewhat aesthetically pleasing though, so I hid the drill in a box, and made the entire thing book themed. Although it is a bit unfinished, a few things I would improve on this piece would be the stability of the record platform, and the design of the speaker cone.

This is my spliced record, which is comprised mainly of Jimmy Smith's album, Stay Loose, and a tiny sample of Traffic. For this project I didn't want to simply cut straight edges, but this proved to be more difficult than I though. I couldn't use a laser cutter because the fumes from the heat were toxic, and so I resorted to using a hole saw. Unfortunately the gap it left in the vinyl was rather wide, but I managed to form a glue-bridge of sorts. Although I was very happy with the way the record consistently repeated a couple parts, I wish I would have used a larger hole saw size, so that I could have heard more of the Traffic record.

This is a screenshot of the clip I used for my part in the BYOB. It is a clip from Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job, Chrimbus Special. I chose this clip because of its pseudo-Christmas special theme, which would blend in well with the other videos. Little did most people know that this special was a Christmas special parody of the most extreme kind. One of two people recognized it, which made it even more worth while, since they knew just what this clip hinted at.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Live Stream

For my live stream I chose to simulate a swimming race. I made a small clip using close ups of water to use as a backdrop from when I "swam." I timed it so that the water would only come up when I dove in, and would stop when I finished the race. One aspect I would have adjusted was the brightness of the video being projected. It was too bright, and washed out some of the detail of the water, and me at the very end.

Video Triptych

For my video triptych I chose a water theme. I chose to do very extreme and high definition closeups of the water, so that I could capture the detail of the waves, and the light playing of the surface of the water. I slowed down a lot of these shots to make them more surreal, thinking that they looked even mesmerizing at that speed. The middle piece was definitely the anchor for the other two videos, acting also as a point of reference. The two side videos started at different times, mostly because I wanted to accentuate the fact that their audio was played to the side they were on. Eventually they mirrored each other, and then they were identical at another point. I wanted to create an illusion that made the viewer think that they were just watching the same world mirrored, but then be thrown off by the sudden parallel.

Sound Clips